Castle Street & Baltic Market

IZAKAYA Sushi Liverpool was founded by Harry Marquart & Kurt Wilson. They shared a passion for Sushi, Japanese Cuisine and culture but found that it was looked upon to be pretentious and upmarket in Liverpool. They went on to master the art of Japanese cooking, Sushi and to learn more about the Japanese way of life. The name izakaya is a compound word consisting of “i” (to stay) and “sakaya” (sake shop). Izakaya originated from sake shops where customers could stay for drinking in the Edo period (1603-1867). Somewhere Liverpool Sushi lovers should find haven.

Come see us at 4 Castle Street or at our Pop-Up in The Baltic Market from 8th Februry 2018.


Corporate & Private Catering

Large Sushi Platter - (65-70 Piece)

Large Sushi Platter - (65-70 Piece)

We can provide bespoke sushi platters and catering packages to your workplace or home. Please call us or order direct through our website.

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Kids Eat Free

Kids Eat Free  Japan may be renowned for sushi and sumo wrestlers, but the Japanese should be celebrated for a recently published phenomenon; they are the healthiest people on the planet. According to global analysis, a child born in Japan will live a...

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How to make the perfect New York Sour

How to make the perfect New York Sour Here at Izakaya we are known for making delicious cocktails, boasting some of the city’s best bartenders. We wanted to share one of our personal favourites with you, with a step-by-step guide...

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What food you can expect to find in Tokyo…

Sushi Sushi has grown into a popular cuisine the world over. From nigiri-zushi, or bite-sized balls of vinegar-flavored rice topped with pieces of fresh seasonal seafood, to chirashi-zushi, or a plate of this rice covered with a variety of ingredients,...

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